Watch these Shows to Mark Mental Health Awareness Month

The United States is celebrating the Mental Health Awareness Month in August. People are more eager than ever to know about how different mental illnesses affect human minds. Especially when it comes to the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, mental health issues like depression and anxiety have found roots everywhere in the world. Global watchdogs and authorities have invested in various mediums to spread the word about how to tackle mental health issues. Electronic media, especially movies and TV shows have a larger role to play in spreading information.


Movies and TV shows have unimaginable power, especially when it comes to raise awareness and build public opinion. Top Hollywood movies and American TV shows have successfully broadcasted the US regional and global policy quite effectively. Moreover, these bits of creative products also helped raise awareness about issues like gender equality, race disparity, and white-collar crimes. Now, the world is dealing with the biggest crisis in the history of mankind, i.e. COVID-19. A lot more is yet to be done to achieve information spread across the globe. People these days are more involved in binge-watching than ever. It provides authorities the opportunity to educate masses about how mental health issues cause massive damage to human minds. We have hand-picked five best TV shows on AT&T and NetFlix that you can thoroughly enjoy and be informed about the pros and cons of mental health issues.


Get Polarized with ‘Frances Ha’

If you are someone who is dealing with the intricacies of adulthood challenges, “Frances Ha” is the ultimate TV show for you. It is a story of an adult woman Frances, played by Greta Gerwig, who bears the complex challenges of adulthood, including breakups and career failures. The TV show offers a brand new insight into how depression attacks people and how they can deal with it. Get ready to be polarized and see how to lead your life through challenges, failures, and sickness.


Frances walks out of a relationship after a mutual breakup and then bizarrely loses friendships to find herself all alone to tackle life and what it brings. Frances educates viewers about how to endure isolation, believe in self-analysis, deal with frustration and imperfections, and wins the day. Sounds like modern romanticism, doesn’t it?


Sorry to Bother You

Set in the backdrop of racial imbalances in American society, “Sorry to Bother You” is an amazing movie to watch with your family. The TV show doesn’t really highlight a single mental illness but depicts a larger mental impact of the injustice in society. The story revolves around a telemarketer who tries different accents to find out how a “white accent” can uplift his career like nothing else.


This is quite a true depiction of how black and brown people in the US society deal with the set mechanisms and norms. The lead character, Cassius (also known as Cash), is a smart guy who knows what it takes to become a successful telemarketer. However, his strategy to use a “white accent” has repercussions on his mental health. All in all, the movie successfully shows the paradigms of American society and how colored people survive the ups and downs.


Watch Anomalisa, Beat Depression

Another super show to watch with your dear ones, “Anomalisa” is an amazing depiction of how damaging Fregoli syndrome can be. Michael Stone, the main character in Anomalisa, is a writer and public speaker who deals with the delusions and hallucinations of Fregoli syndrome. He comes across the lady of his dreams while delivering a keynote speech at an event. He suddenly falls in love and starts creating a world of his own. The story shows what are the common symptoms of neuropsychiatric. Fregoli syndrome forces its victims to assume the whole world is a friend in disguise. Such delusions only give rise to anxiety and uncertainty. Although Michael Stone is not shown dealing with depression or anxiety, it is generally the case with the Fregoli syndrome patients. The story shows Stone steering himself out of the woods of uncertainty and delusions. A great watch, indeed!


Feel Childhood Pain in ’Honey Boy’

As a millennial, you must have watched Shia Labeouf starring as the runaway star in Disney production “Even Stevens”. He is back with a remarkable show “Honey Boy” that revolves around the character named Otis who is left to deal with childhood challenges, experiencing violence, finding a way to recovery, and then finally meeting redemption. During this journey, Otis develops a brutally violent behavior due to dysfunctional adolescence, which is eventually addressed in courtroom therapy.


The Final Remarks

Today is the age of easily accessible media solutions, including TV, smartphones, tablets, etc. People, who had no time for anything just around six months ago, now have all the time in the world. Binge-watching very much helps individuals and families to deal with this massive void in their daily routines. Getting hands to the best TV shows and movies is a top priority for many out there. If you want to get the best cable tv deals, contact us today. You don’t need to stick with the relentless providers anymore. You deserve the best, so let the be your gateway to the charismatic world of Cable TV, Internet, and Home Security services.