Satellite TV Providers that Rule the US Homes

Satellite TV services have long been an integral part of the American households. In fact, you can’t imagine an American home without cable TV or satellite TV connection. Even today’s cut-the-cord campaign has failed to completely compromise the popularity of cable TV across the United States.


Ever since making its US debut in 1948 across the states of Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, satellite TV services have come a long way. It took satellite TV around 12 years to make its impact in the American society. It started becoming widespread in the 1960s but by the 1970s it became the talk of the metropolitan America. Today, more than 64.42 million people actively use satellite TV service across the United States of America.


In fact, satellite TV connection is one of the first few things that an average American instantly wants after moving to a new place. Even if you have just moved to the US, a cable TV connection is all you need to get accustomed with the new country. Your daily dose of entertainment not only helps you in knowing the new place but also makes you feel comfortable in your new house.


In order to pick the right satellite TV provider, you should know which the top players in the US are and what differentiates them from each other. Let’s introduce them to you.


1. DirecTV

DirecTV is one of the most popular satellite TV service providers in the US. You get to watch 200 HD cable channels with DirecTV, which has its network expanding across the country and the Latin America. The company offers six different two-year satellite TV packages which allow you to add or remove any premium channels. The packages start with 145+ channels at $50 a month. If you are a sports enthusiast, DirecTV has sports-specific packages in store for you.



DISH, now known as DISHTV, began its operations in the 1980s. It is also among the top satellite TV services in the US. DISHTV is now a Fortune-250 brand as it has established a strong reputation with its customers over the years. It is regarded the most for its versatile range of premium packages that don’t prove too big for the pockets. The company offers specifically designed packages for sports, movies, and TV show fanatics. The DISHTV packages start at $50 a month for 190+ channels.


3. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is the sole provider of 100% fiber-optic digital-television service in the United States. The company currently operates in 13 states. Fios translates into “better cable”, which assures users superfast download speeds. One of the best features of Verizon’s Premium Plan allows users to enjoy 12 shows simultaneously and store more than 200-hour-long programming. Cool, isn’t it?


4. Comcast

You will never find Comcast lagging far behind whenever you seek reviews on the top satellite TV providers in the US. The company, now known as Xfinity, is popular for offering economical packages to its customers. Its basic plan starts at $45 a month for 140 channels. Moreover, Comcast’s X1 DVR allows for 500GB storage with remote voice-search feature.


5. Cox

Cox is also among the largest satellite TV service providers in America. Cox offers its users seven different satellite TV packages starting at $34.99 a month for as many as 260 channels. The best thing is that Cox offers all its channels in HD quality for free.


6. Time Warner Cable

You can’t create a list of top US satellite TV service providers without mentioning Time Warner Cable in it. The company is in the business since the 1970s. Time Warner Cable currently offers three cable TV packages starting at $19.99 a month for 20 channels.


7. Charter Spectrum

Venturing into the business of cable TV services in 1993, Charter Spectrum has come a long way. The company boasts over 6 million customers in 28 states across the United States. Charter Spectrum offers three packages starting from $59.99 per month for 125+ channels.


8. Broadstripe

Broadstripe mainly caters to the state of Maryland as it is headquartered in Maryland. The company caters to both residential and commercial satellite TV customers. The company offers 195 top-quality channels including the most popular sports, movies, and other entertainment channels. Broadstripe also offers its customers the facility of Pay per View plan.


9. Optimum

Optimum kicked off its success story as a local cable TV company with only 1,500 customers in Long Island. Soon it was one of the hottest satellite TV providers across the United States. The company provides all the popular HD channels as well as Free-On-Demand options to its customers.


10. Mediacom

Mediacom is in the cable TV business for over 24 years. The company now offers more than 200 HD channels as well as in-home Wi-Fi, phone, and internet services to its customers. It provides consumers the options to choose from extended cable TV channels. Mediacom plans start at $89.95 a month while its bundled phone package starts at $99.95 a month.


The Bottom Line

The United States is the home of entertainment as the local population has access to the world-class TV entertainment. You can check any of the above-mentioned 10 cable TV and satellite TV service providers, based on their reviews. If you want to discuss satellite TV packages, you can always contact us at (877) 885-4621.